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December 2014     Published by

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December Quote of the Month

"I'm always amazed when adults say that children 'just did that to get attention'. Naturally children who need attention will do all kinds of things to get it. Why not just give it to them?" - Lawrence J. Cohen

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New article:
"Unsolicited Evaluation is the Enemy of Creativity"
by Peter Gray

Children's lives, both in and out of school, have become increasingly controlled and regulated by adult authorities. Here is some further evidence that freedom is an essential element to the blooming of creativity.

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Special Sale: A Gift for Baby by Jan Hunt

A colorful celebration of compassionate parenting and family closeness, woven into a sweet story with a delightful surprise ending. The perfect picture book for attached families.

Reduced to $10 through December

Holiday Articles

Does the Santa Legend Endanger Trust?

Ten Tips for Shopping With Children

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  Jan Hunt Counseling Service

Jan has reopened her counseling service following her family move back to British Columbia.

Jan has a Master of Science degree in counseling and over 25 years of experience helping parents discover the joys of attachment parenting and unschooling. She would love to talk with you!

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Research: Hungry or not, children will eat sweets

Even though they are not hungry, children as young as three will find high-energy treats tempting, new research has confirmed.

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Parenting Card of the Month

The next time you have one of those parenting "moments", reach for a card! Each set includes 100 gentle reminders to parents, written by Jan Hunt. Each set comes with a colorful hand-woven pouch from Guatemala.

Look past the behavior... 
What is your child feeling? 

"Thank you so much for this beautiful tool. So much wisdom in such a small package..." - L.M.

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