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 March 2015     Published by

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March Quote of the Month

"Our survival as a species depends on our ability to recognize that our well-being and the well-being of others are in fact one and the same."

- Marshall Rosenberg

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New Article: Are Video Games Dangerous? by Peter Gray

"For many years now, researchers have been trying to prove that video games are bad. Much of the attention has focused on the violent content of some of the games, and many dozens of studies have been done in attempts to prove that playing violent video games causes real-world violence..."

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One-Week Free Gift Special

We're offering a free gift of your choice with any order of $20 or more! Choose either a copy of A Gift for Baby, or a set of Unschooling Cards. Offer good through Thursday, March 26.

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Research: Children Feel Most Positively about Mothers Who Respect Their Autonomy

"Research shows that the quality of mother-child relationships greatly influences children's development socially, emotionally and academically..."

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Beautiful Handmade Waldorf Dolls

Our lovely Waldorf dolls are handmade using all natural fibers. Each set is a unique, one-of-a-kind creation, and includes a mama, baby, and cloth sling. Delight a child!

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  Jan Hunt Counseling Service by Email or Phone

Jan has a Master of Science degree in counseling and over 25 years of experience helping parents discover the joys of attachment parenting and unschooling. She is the proud mom of an adult son, who has shown her every day that parenting can be easy and joyful!

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Unschooling Card of the Month

Jan Hunt and her always-unschooled son Jason have created a set of 100 small reminder cards about natural learning. Draw a random card for inspiration, creative ideas, and encouragement!

 Fun makes everything easier.

"Thank you so much for this beautiful tool. So much wisdom in such a small package..." - L.M.

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Help Us Keep The Natural Child Project Online!

The Natural Child Project is a labor of love started by parenting counselor Jan Hunt and her son Jason. We need your support to continue our work. Our current goals include a sequel to The Natural Child, an expansion of The Unschooling Unmanual, and teleclasses for parenting and unschooling support. With your help, we can devote more of our time to this work. Please donate here.

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"Children reflect the treatment they receive."

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Children reflect the treatment they receive.

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