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Nursing necklaces give your child something interesting to hold and play with, making your nursing time calmer and happier for both of you. If your child is poking, twiddling, or easily distracted, try a nursing necklace!

Our necklace designs incorporate a unique safety clasp that allows the necklace to "break apart" when pulled with moderate force, but the beads stay on the necklace and do not become a choking hazard. Simply pop the two halves back together and you're all set!

All necklaces are made with non-toxic plastic beads. We do not use glass beads, which can chip, or wooden beads, which can splinter. The beads are strung on Spectra Fiber Cord, which is up to ten times stronger than steel by weight. Children should not be left unsupervised with any jewelry. Due to the hardness of the material, these beads are not recommended for teething use.

Each necklace is hand-made; no two are alike. Shipping will be included with item price in cart. Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery.

"I ordered a necklace for our son. When it came I just loved it! All the different beads and colors made such a lively and pretty combination, and nobody else has anything like it. We love the one you made for our daughter, too. The animals are adorable, and I love the rainbow combination of colors." - Larissa R.


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Baby's Nursing Necklace

Newborns love to gaze at black and white patterns, and by 3 months, also enjoy the color red. A perfect baby shower gift!

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Child's Play

Buttons, shapes, colors, textures, big beads, little beads and a moving ring!

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This colorful necklace features many different kinds of beads, including animals, hearts, and stars.

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This necklace contains all the letters of the alphabet in different colors to intrigue and delight your child!

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Old MacDonald

Large farm animal beads along the farmer and his wife.

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Earth Tones

A variety of browns, greens and other natural tones, with an intriguing pendant at the bottom.

"I received the nursing necklace last week and its just perfect!" - A.S.

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