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Australian Breastfeeding Association

Founded in 1964, the Australian Breastfeeding Association is dedicated to encouraging and supporting breastfeeding mothers, promoting loving parenting, and creating an awareness of the importance of breastfeeding in the wider community.

The site includes a large section of Breastfeeding Information on numerous topics ("Controlling or spoiling?" is especially helpful), a lively forum with discussions on many aspects of breastfeeding and parenting, such as Preparation for Breastfeeding, Introducing Solids, Breast Refusal, Weaning, Breastfeeding Multiples, and more. A subscriber-only section offers news, information and breastfeeding articles.

The site also includes information on health professionals, a section of breastfeeding advocacy, a notice board, guestbook, breastfeeding-related virtual postcards, and a list of breastfeeding education classes in Australia. Local support groups offer videos, DVDs, breastfeeding pillows and other items in the Products and Services section. Two excellent and very creative television ads are linked from the top of the Media Release page.

While ABA is located in Australia, this excellent website brings their expertise and support to a world audience. It is a delight to feature this hard-working and dedicated organization.

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