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Always Unschooled

The Always Unschooled Discussion List offers an opportunity for experienced and new unschoolers to discuss such topics as:

  • natural learning
  • respectful parenting
  • joyful living
  • freedom and autonomy
  • living by principles
  • single parent unschooling
  • convincing family
  • surviving panic and criticism
  • living without fear
  • resisting enrollment
  • non-coercive parenting
  • deschooling ourselves
  • letting go of controls

As the name suggests, the Always Unschooled list supports an unschooling approach from the beginning, and continuing to older ages. There are currently 774 members on the list, with an average of about 20 messages per day.

Offering both knowledgeable and compassionate responses to questions, Always Unschooled is an exceptional online community for unschooling parents who are looking for information and ideas.

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