Recommended Site is an exceptional resource for parents choosing a baby carrier from among the hundreds available today. It was developed by Jennifer Norton and Denby Angus, Australian work-at-home parents of two young children.

Because this is not a commercial website, and no slings are sold here, the site offers a unique opportunity to read objective reviews by actual users. Virtually every type and brand of carrier is covered, including padded and unpadded slings, front packs, soft backpacks, pouches, wraparounds, hip carriers, podegis, and do-it-yourself patterns and kits.

Great Things About Babywearing is an excellent place to start. It lists numerous benefits of babywearing, with research citations. Reviews, comparison charts, articles, and photos allow a very thorough search for the carrier that best matches a parent's needs and preferences. The short article "What type of babycarrier is right for me?" is especially helpful, as are the articles on babywearing in special circumstances (pregnancy, multiples, plus-sized parents, fathers). The site also offers forums and chats on babywearing topics. Much of the site content can only be accessed by registered members, but registration is free and all information is kept private.

We highly recommend this important and well-organized site for all parents faced with the daunting task of choosing carriers for their children.

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