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Centre for Attachment

"Connecting wisdom with science", the Centre for Attachment (CFA) is a New Zealand-based agency providing support, education and training on child development and attachment. CFA applies the latest findings from neuroscience, medical health and psychology to help families, organizations and communities better understand the true needs of children. It is their dream that "every baby will have the experience of a warm, loving, and attuned parental relationship - the best possible start in life."

At the heart of the well-designed website is an "Essential Information" section covering Basics of Attachment, Sleep and Attachment, Feeding and Attachment, Separations, Early Childhood Care and Education, Parent Emotional Health, references, and related links. The exceptional papers in this section provide scientific data, attachment concepts, and practical implications.

The monthly column Everyday Wisdom explores more personal aspects of attachment such as fatherhood, adoption, premature births, and postnatal depression. "When It All Falls Apart: Toddlers, Tantrums and Turmoil" is a compassionate and perceptive look at tantrums through the eyes of a child, reminding parents that "little children have big feelings but almost no experience in managing those feelings. What calms a child - and teaches a valuable skill - is empathy and validation."

The site also lists CFA's local services for parents and professionals, related events, and staff bios. A form is available for site visitors to register for updates.

"We all feel a greater sense of wellness and connection when someone provides support, kindness and guidance during our most trying moments. Extending this intelligent compassion to our children allows us to loosen their ties to tantrums and upset and, instead, to strengthen their bonds to happiness and their relationships with us."

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