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Gordon Training International - Family
One of the first professionals to provide parents with communication and problem-solving skills, Dr. Thomas Gordon (1918-2002) offered his first parenting class in 1962; this excellent course has since been taught to over one million parents in 43 countries. 

Parent Effectiveness Training was published in 1970. More than 30 years later, this inspiring book (revised in 2000) has been translated into 33 languages and has sold over five million copies; it remains an essential parenting resource.

While continuing to work with families, Dr. Gordon later adapted the P.E.T. model for teachers and business leaders. The website covers all three areas. The Family section describes the P.E.T. parenting philosophy (described as "a blueprint for following the Golden Rule"), descriptions and locations of Family Effectiveness Training programs, parents' stories about the programs, reviews of research on the P.E.T. course, an FAQ, and addresses of international Gordon Training programs.

Subscription to a free monthly email newsletter, Working Together, is available on the website front page. For more information about Gordon Training programs, contact Leah Peterson, Business Development Coordinator at .

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