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Dr. Mizin Park Kawasaki, a pediatrician and stay-at-home mother of two, has created a unique web site with a focus on unconditional love as the foundation of healthy human interaction. She began the site to "provide encouraging and enlightening information about child-rearing".

The site was designed to meet these five goals:

  • To provide parents with a broad understanding of child development with an emphasis on the development of the child as a unique individual.
  • To stress the importance of breastfeeding as a crucial parenting tool of fundamental value to all parents.
  • To elucidate why parents should be capable of providing our young children with humane environments in which to grow and develop.
  • To emphasize the importance of human availability and human touch in a world that is obsessed with consumerism and materialism.
  • To explain that the status quo of child-rearing today is stagnant and unhealthy.

The site includes several exceptional essays by the site owner, including an interesting overview of Ashley Montagu's life and ideas and her thoughtful essay "The True Meaning of Discipline". Her article "Perfect Mothering?" eloquently explores the idea that "a baby's hunger is not just confined to the need for food, but for the nurturing that breastfeeding provides the baby's soul and heart."

Dr. Kawasaki believes that "all human beings, including young children, need unconditional love, a concept with which far too many of us are unfamiliar. We cannot make demands of our children by withholding love without exacting a high price...our children's mental health."


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