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Dr Jack Newman & Edith Kernerman - an online breastfeeding resource

Canadian Pediatrician Dr. Jack Newman and Lactation Consultant Edith Kernerman have created an exceptional breastfeeding resource.

The extensive Breastfeeding Help section includes 12 video clips and 34 handouts covering many common concerns such as latch, compression, lactation aids, nutrition, and finding good breastfeeding support.

An active, moderated forum covers "general concerns", "not enough milk", "sore nipples, sore breasts", and "baby not latching".

More video clips, handouts, and forum topics, as well as weekly postings on current breastfeeding issues are planned for the near future.

Dr. Newman's upcoming conference dates are listed, and the Visual Guide to Breastfeeding, created by Dr. Newman and Edith Kernerman, is available on DVD.

"There are two principles at the base of understanding breastfeeding and understanding how to help new mothers breastfeed. One is that babies learn to breastfeed by breastfeeding. The other is that there is much more to breastfeeding than the breastmilk alone. As important as breastmilk is, breastfeeding is that much more."

- Dr. Jack Newman

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