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Jon's Unschooling Page

Jon's Unschooling Page is just one section of Jon's Homeschool Resources, one of the oldest and most comprehensive homeschooling websites. The Unschooling Page opens with an excerpt from Carl Sagan's book The Dragons of Eden that will be greatly appreciated by unschooling families. The quote reads, in part, ", when so many difficult and complex problems face the human species, the development of broad and powerful thinking is desperately needed. There should be a way… to encourage, in a humane and caring context, the intellectual development of especially promising youngsters."

The entire site is a useful resource for homeschoolers, regardless of their approach. The Unschooling Page is an excellent starting place for families seeking information and support specifically related to unschooling. The page includes links to essays on homeschooling and unschooling , unschooling websites, selected unschooling mailing lists, and a link to unschooling lists at

Links on the left side of the Unschooling Page lead to the wealth of information that can be found throughout the larger site: homeschooling support groups and events, national homeschooling organizations and other related sites, online discussions, essays, interviews, FAQ lists, college information for homeschoolers, and more.

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