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Maintained by writer and breastfeeding counselor Kelly Bonyata, this well-organized and informative site provides a treasure trove of information on breast-feeding, sleep, and other attachment parenting topics.

The site includes the following sections:

  • Parenting: Night & Day - sleep, fussiness, schedules, spoiling, and more
  • Nutrition for Mom & Baby - vitamins, solids, weight gain, food sensitivities, and breastmilk composition
  • Common Breastfeeding Concerns - getting started, the normal course of breastfeeding, increasing milk supply, natural treatments for nursing mothers, and handling criticism of breastfeeding
  • Nursing an Older Infant - common concerns, vitamins, teething, biting, weaning, and more
  • Nursing After the First Year - reasons to nurse past a year, common concerns, and parenting a nursing toddler
  • Is this Safe when Breastfeeding? - safe medications and herbs for nursing mothers, diet concerns, continuing breastfeeding when ill, and the relationship between the mother's diet and breastmilk composition
  • Postpartum Depression - treating postpartum depression with safe herbal remedies, with numerous links to related articles
  • Fun & Interesting - surveys, polls, breastfeeding rates, humor, and words of wisdom
  • Helpful Links - well-selected links to attachment parenting and breastfeeding websites
  • Books - book reviews and lists of titles to read or avoid
  • Forums - Breastfeeding Support, Starting Solids & Nutrition, Sleep & Nighttime Parenting, and Attachment Parenting

This exceptionally useful website is one of the Internet's most comprehensive breastfeeding and parenting resources. It is an excellent site for new parents as well as for those looking for hard-to-find information on breastfeeding concerns. Visit Kelly's Attachment Parenting site soon!

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