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Learn in Freedom is one of the most useful, comprehensive, and original sites on the Internet. It is maintained by education reformer and father of three Karl Bunday, whose background includes teaching, Chinese-English translation, free-lance writing, missionary work, and the law. Bunday and his family live in Taiwan.

The well-organized site is structured as an essay on homeschooling, with hundreds of links to other pages included in the text. A user-friendly site map, alphabetical index, and search engine make it easy to navigate. This very attractive site is a model of good web design; Bunday shares his expertise in an article on "Web Design Tips".

Learn in Freedom includes articles on how to get started in homeschooling, extensive lists of carefully-selected books and articles, information on homeschooling in various states and countries, a list of colleges that admit homeschoolers, bibliographies on educational issues, and more.

Bunday's four thought-provoking essays are must-reads:

  • "Don't Learn to Read in School"
  • "What Effect Does School Attendance Have on the Crime Rate?"
  • "Genuine Multiculturalism"
  • "Age Segregation in School"

Learn in Freedom offers a wealth of material on homeschooling and an unblinking look at education in general. Plan several visits to this superb site!

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