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La Leche League:
Extended Breastfeeding

The La Leche League has collected 22 inspiring stories of mothers' experiences with breastfeeding beyond the first year. The stories have been reprinted from New Beginnings, the bimonthly publication for LLL members, with the exception of Elizabeth Baldwin's essay "So I Nursed Him Every 45 Minutes," which was reprinted from Mothering (and which also appears here). 50 links to related selections from the New Beginnings "Toddler Tips" column are also listed.

The stories and tips cover many aspects of nursing beyond the first year: advantages to mother and child, handling criticism, preventing burnout, dealing with sibling concerns, fertility questions and more. This is an especially handy section for mothers who face criticism from well-meaning but misinformed relatives, as well as for first-time mothers who have questions about nursing a toddler.

We highly recommend this resource, and thank the La Leche League for making such inspiring and supportive information available on the Internet.

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