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Very Young Kids Teeth email group

In this new email list, parents share experience and information about dealing with young children's teeth and dental health. The discussion covers such topics as:

  • Developing good dental health habits in young children
  • Tips to make dental hygiene fun
  • Choosing child-friendly dental health practitioners
  • Dealing with decay, cavities or disease after they've occurred
  • Supporting children through dental procedures
  • Supporting breastfeeding despite ignorance from health professionals
  • The impact of not breastfeeding on short and long term dental health
  • Supporting attachment parenting through dental procedures
  • Sharing resources

Because this list is a spin-off from a breastfeeding and attachment parenting list, breastfeeding beyond a few months is accepted as the norm, and gentle and respectful parenting is the goal.

This is an excellent resource for parents who are looking for compassionate approaches to dental care. Because this concern is so common among caring parents, and because creative solutions to this specific topic can often be generalized to other similar dilemmas, we are delighted to have discovered this list.

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