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WATCH? What about the children?

WATCh? is a UK-based charity that focuses on the emotional needs of children during their first three years. WATCh? members believe that the needs of children are paramount, and that "the relationship between each child and his/her main caregiver should be loving, consistent, permanent and stable. Ideally this main relationship should be with the mother." WATCh? strives to be a voice for the critical emotional needs of young children, urging mothers to postpone outside employment before their children are emotionally ready for separation. To that end, WATCh? has worked in the areas of Family Friendly Taxation, Family Friendly Employment, and Parenting Skills Education.

The website includes news reports, published research, newsletters, and the following excellent leaflets:

  • An introduction to WATCH??
  • Pregnant and pleased but worried about your career?
  • Baby matters, money matters.
  • A special bond, a special time - the first three years.
  • Ready to leave your baby? Is your baby ready to leave you?
  • What about Dads?

We are pleased to help promote this important work, and hope you will visit their website for more information.

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