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"Parental heaven is when you see your child through the eyes of delight."

- John Breeding

Described as "a resource site for parents and a challenge to the biomedical mental health industry", this is a web site of enormous importance at a time when millions of children and adults are receiving dangerous psychotropic drugs for unproven "disorders".

The website owner, Dr. John Breeding, is a Texas psychologist whose primary focus is on parents and children. His book of the same title calls for a halt to the epidemic drugging of young people in our society for "so-called ADHD". It is his belief that years of research and clinical use have failed to confirm any positive long-term effects from Ritalin in behavior or academic performance.

The author is a leading advocate for young people and his excellent website serves as an important resource for parents wanting support to resist the pressure to label and drug their children. His writings challenge the use of Ritalin and the drugging of children, and offer alternative approaches to the issues teachers, parents and children face in today's world.

Dr. Breeding is the founding Director of Texans for Safe Education, a citizens group formed to protect children from harm caused by the increasing role of psychiatry in schools. He believes that "Something is seriously wrong [when] hundreds of thousands of children, mostly boys, are being forced to take dangerous drugs because we, as a society, have chosen to turn normal behavior into "symptoms" of a "disease."

The entire text of an 18-page booklet, a predecessor to the book, has generously been included on the site. The booklet lists these critical warnings and explains each one in detail:

  • Your Child Is Being Selected Out Because of "Unacceptable" Behavior
  • Selection Means Diagnosis Means Treatment
  • Treatment Means Drugs
  • These Drugs Are Dangerous
  • These Drugs Do Not Help Your Child

The unique and very useful section "Remembrance" reminds us that children are "young human beings with enormous dependency needs." The importance of food, light, sound, and talk are emphasized. An exceptional essay from The Wildest Colts book, "Parent Heaven and Hell: A Note on Punishment" concludes, "Punishment begets fear, and secrecy, and shame, and tense separation from the ones we are meant to love and cherish."

Among numerous other helpful essays and documents, the site also includes "Parenting as Emotional Healing", "Support Resources for Psychiatric Survivor/Activists", "A Model Consent Form for Children and Psychiatric Drugs" (a must read), and "The Totality of the ADHD Fraud". The web site also has a section on the dangers of electroshock treatment as well as a description of Dr. Breeding's newest book The Necessity of Madness and Unproductivity: Psychiatric Oppression or Human Transformation.

This informative and inspiring website, and Dr. Breeding's books, can help us all to see children "through the eyes of delight".

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Children reflect the treatment they receive.

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