Recommended Site is the website of the Mamatoto Project, a non-profit organization promoting and teaching babywearing. This well-designed, noncommercial site includes detailed information on a wide variety of carriers, numerous online videos on babywearing and breastfeeding, and a page of common sense safety reminders.

Carriers are nicely organized by baby's age and size (from "tiny" to "two at a time"), carrier style (eight general types), and position (front, back or hip). Many local baby-wearing classes are listed by state and country; visitors who sell baby carriers or teach babywearing classes can register and request a listing.

"The carrying positions shown here are ancient and have been used by mothers throughout history. People in the family or village teach the young people how to wear a baby. Typically, a person learns babywearing long before that person is an adult. Because you are learning on your own, without the benefit of one-on-one assistance from an experienced babywearer, you must use caution. You should have another adult help you until you feel completely confident."


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